Junk Cars

It should be obvious from our name that we at Cash for Junk Cars Santee will buy any car, truck, or SUV in any condition, including junk cars! We have devised our simple two step process for selling your used vehicle, but did you know that it is just as easy to sell a junk car as well? All you have to do is give Cash for Junk Cars Santee a call at (619) 378-4664 and we will come straight to you! We offer free pick up and removal, which includes completely free, no hidden fee towing for nonfunctional junk cars. We pay in cash, and usually can set up an appointment the same day that you call us!

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Here’s a quick list of what we mean when we say junk cars:

  • Any car that is old or rusted out, been sitting for ten of fifteen years, and is completely useless.
  • Any car that is simply nonfunctional, maybe it needs a part or two, but isn’t currently working.
  • Any car that has been parted out, or is just in terrible condition and you don’t think it’s worth anything
  • Any car that has been wrecked or ruined in any way other than being burned.

So if you have anything that sounds like what we described above, we might be perfect for each other!
Give us a call now to find out!

Some reasons to get rid of a junk car:

1. Junk cars can be an eyesore, and anybody who lives with them around their garage or on their property knows this. Nobody wants to look at them!

2. They can be environmentally detrimental. The chemicals that were used to make the car will break down over time, and the metal will rust, seeping into the earth and causing all kinds of environmental difficulties.

3. They can be a safety hazard. Would you want your children playing near one, or an employee working near one?

4. They are simply useless, and if you can get cash for them as easy as making a single phone call, why not!?

We hope you don’t need any more convincing on this matter. Junk cars are not worth keeping around, but they’re worth something to us! We are experts at pulling every last piece of value from any vehicle, that’s why we know we can offer you the best deal on your junk car today! So give us a call and see how we can help you!